Some of the answers to many of your questions

How many persons can join miXin 2018?

Our classroom can accommodate 20 participants. We will keep a second session of the workshop if the number is beyond our expectations.

Do I get a certificate for completing the workshop?

Yes, all participants to the seminars will receive a certificate to attest the newly acquired skills.

How can I join the IBM internship program?

The trainers will evaluate participants activity during the seminars and five of the them will be offered the possibility to get one of the internship positions after a technical interview. However, the internship program is available only for persons below 27 years

Do I have to bring my personal laptop?

Yes, you need a personal computer to follow the hands-on seminars. A wi-fi hotspot will be available for you to access the online resources.

Are there any prerequisites for the participants?

Yes, basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript is required to understand and implement the exercises. The focus will be on presenting IBM Cloud cloud capabilities and not on learning a specific language.

Do I have to pay for the IBM Cloud account?

You will create and use an IBM Cloud Lite plan account which is free. No credit card is required to create this account, only a valid email address.

Is it possible to follow the seminars remotely?

No, we don't stream or record the seminars. Some of the resources will be available online but we want to meet everyone in person so we can evaluate every participant skills.

Why do I need to have an ID card on me?

The security protocol requires everyone who enters the building to be registered first.