Get hands-on experience with IBM Cloud platform in this workshop dedicated to programming enthusiasts. A team of six trainers will help you understand and implement sample applications using Javascript language and IBM Cloud services. After a technical interview, five of the participants will be invited to join the IBM iX internship program.

The trainers will support you grasp the concepts in 10 interactive two hours seminars. Some of them are former interns, willing to share their real life projects experiences

The step-by-step program will help you implement and deploy your first cloud based web application using Javascript for both front-end and back-end

Learn how to develop cloud based applications

If you are a student or an experienced developer we invite you to discover the benefits of IBM Cloud! 

Bring your laptop and join our 2017 miXin seminars. You will be guided to create your first IBM Cloud project and to see it online in just hours.

IBM Cloud allows developers reduce the application development time by focusing on coding, rather than on environment setup and deployment. You don't have to worry about programming language, servers or database setup but find the solution which best meets your needs. You can take advantage of the large number of services APIs and software development kits that can quickly and easily be incorporated with IBM Cloud applications. Most of the services have free plans, so you can create lots of projects without paying one cent!

Meet the trainers


Passionate about mobile projects using Javascript frameworks


Works in an advanced Internet of Things project for railway company


IBM Cloud enthusiast and developer, shares his experience to attract new talent

Ana Maria

Experienced full-stack developer and IBM Cloud advocate


Former intern, now working in his first IBM Cloud project


Ecommerce consultant for fashion companies

The course structure

Seminars dates: 17 oct, 20 oct, 24 oct, 27 oct, 31 oct, 2 nov, 9 nov, 14 nov, 16 nov from 4 PM to 7 PM

Welcome session

  • IBM internship program
  • IBM iX service line presentation
  • Course structure and scope

Discover IBM Cloud

  • Cloud fundamentals
  • Cloud Foundry fundamentals
  • IBM Cloud organization structure
  • Your personal organization setup
  • IBM Cloud services presentation

Your first IBM Cloud project

  • Install prerequisites
  • NodeJs presentation
  • Git presentation
  • IBM Cloud command line interface
  • Deploy your NodeJs project

Set up team collaboration and automated deployment

  • Working with git
  • DevOps concepts
  • Create a pipeline to build, test and deploy the app

IBM Cloud services offering

  • Adding services to your application
  • Managing services
  • Types of services
  • Boilerplates

Working with Cloudant NoSql database

  • Database types
  • Relational versus NoSql
  • Cloudant introduction
  • Store data using Cloudant database


  • Horizontal scaling and vertical scaling
  • Auto scaling service